You just shaved two weeks ago and now the situation have worsened and you don’t know what to do to reduce the apparitions of these scars.

What is it and why do they appear ?

These scars appear after shaving as a result of an ingrown hair or even an injury. Treated quickly and in the right way these scars do not stay long, otherwise treating them requires a lot of rigor.

How to treat them ?

Aloe vera – Healing – calming

Aloe Vera mostly called “miracle plant”. Is a plant whose propreties are Healing ,anti-flamatory, and anti bacterial. You can use it by cutting a leaf , extract the gel from it and using it as it is on your skin. (the texture is not really Pleasant but it’s woth it). You can keep the leaf in the fridge or extract all and keep it in a jar in the fridge up to 20 days.

Tamanu oil – Healing

“Sacred Oil” or “Oil with a Thousand Virtues” this ouil is made in French polynesie known for its Healing vertues. The smell is really strong and can probably turn you off but reasult can be seen from the first Week. It is to be used Mornings and Evenings on your face after washing it

Potato – brightenning

Potato is also a good natural treatment for scars! Yes it is anti-inflammatory and exfoliating. To use it, cut a piece of raw potato and pass once or twice over the area to make your scars disappear.

Tumeric – brightening

Tumeric is a antioxidant and a antibacterial that brighten the skin and eliminate toxines.It reduces production of melanin to prevent hyperpigmentation.WARNINGS /!\. Tumeric stains (as much clothes than skin).Mix tumeric with coconut ouil and Apply on the area you want to brighten. Rinse thoroughly and wash with soap to take the yellow tint away.

Lemon – brightenning

Lemon juice exfoliate and brighten the skin. If you are sensitive , diluate it with water if not you can use it as it is. soak it into a cotton pad and Apply where needed. You’ll see fast results.

Do not forget to moisturize your skin.

After any of these step , Always remind to moisturize your face with an oïl or a cream.