DAWEY Shaving Brush

For those looking for a quality shave. The DAWEY shaving badger will allow you to soften your hair and prepare your skin for shaving. With a nut-size amount of cream, you will mount a rich foam while delicately exfoliating your skin.

Made with durable synthetic fibers, premium quality and hand-mounted, this badger will allow you to assemble a thick foam with a small amount of cream.

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The Triple Action

The DAWEY shaving badger is a high-quality synthetic fiber that will allow you to mount a moisturizing foam thick enough, soften the hair and gently exfoliate your skin.


Dip your badger in a bowl of hot water or run it under the tap to fill it with water. Shake it once to remove the excess water. Pour a hazelnut of DAWEY shaving cream on top and massage your face with circular movements. Make several quick and vigorous turns one way and the other to get a perfect foam. Feel free to add cream if needed.

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