DAWEY Safety Razor

DESIGN, SUSTAINABLE, SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL These words describe the DAWEY razor. We have rethought the ergonomics of the handle for a better grip, its weight, for a delicate shave and its design to make it modern. The safety razor is the best alternative for men with curly hair and heavy beards. It cuts hair on the surface of the skin, thus avoiding ingrown hair, unlike multiblade razors.

* Delivered with 10 blades

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Unlike multi-blade razors, which cut the hair under the skin, causing razor bumps, the DAWEY Safety Razor cuts the hair on the surface of the skin so that it does grows under the skin. It is also the only real solution for men with frizzy hairs and heavy beards.


Hold your razor horizontally against your skin and tilt it gently until the blade touches your skin. You should get an angle of about 30°. Start with the cheeks and do not apply any pressure on the handle. Let slide. With short strokes, ALWAYS shave in the direction of hair growth. Rinse it with hot water.

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