Oooh , sweet summer . That same one that we have waited all year around and when it is finally here is the subject of many complains. Having a beard is great but knowing how to maintain it is much better.

So let’s go and go get a drink or someting to eat and let us give you some advices.

Summer is hot ( even extremely hot sometimes) greasy skin
, cloged pores, we sweat , we get sticky. Your beard that during spring was so good looking and silky is now starting to be a real problem. Futhermore , the amound of hair on your face doesn’t make the situation any easier and by these dark nights you think about shaving it off.

So let’s start from the beginning.

1 – Goodbye my lover , Goodbye my lenght ! If your beard is too full for this summer don’t be afraid to unclutter it .You’ll lose some lenght but you’ll be able to feel the air wristle throught it.

2 – Even if you’ve clean your face this Morning think about bringing cleaning wipes to refresh yourself and get rid of bacteries accumulated during your day.

3 – cleaning your face is important but hydrating it too. chose an oil or a cream , not too greasy to not over saturate and clog your pores.

4 – Already shaved ? I see you coming misters .Maintain a beard ? Too much for you. You prefer the total shaved look. Well this is also for you. Use some of this rules without forgetting to put a sunscreen on to protect yourself from the sun rays.

I hope that your summer will be full of surprises , Discovery , and trips .. And if you’re not going anywhere I hope that you’ll enjoy the sun anyway.