When we talk about trends, the shaved head is unavoidable if you want to have style, stay class and elegant. The same if you have thin sparse hair and /or that you are tired of doing your hair every mornings , shaving it off is a must. Moreover there is no such thing as age to do so. What it says about you is that you are tidy and organized but that you also know how to have fun. However shaving your head can cause the same problems than shaving your beard : ingrown hairs , shaving bumps , irritation…To avoid any of these problems it is recommanded to use a safety razor. 

What happens if we use a multi blade rasor? 

Like all face shaving , advertisement extolling the merits of head shaving with multi blade razors are numerous.They pretend that this way we get a better clean shave. Not wrong ! But the way to get here is not the best.Like the beard , multi blade razors will cut the hair under the skin causing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. And these bumps are even more noticable when they are on your head. 

Use a safety razor .

The scalp is really sensitive and get irritated easier than face skin. Safety razors reduce the risk to get ingrown hairs and to get irritated. This is why it is recommanded for the scalp. This technique can seem longer but a lot more Pleasant! It also require practice.Pass it gently on your scalp after puting shaving cream on it. It is essential ! Apply next a repairing after shave balm to calm and moisturize

Finaly , for daily maintenance , think about cleaning you scalp from bacteries accumulated.Consider your scalp as an extention of you face. Use your facial cleanser.